Every part of the vehicle is just as important as the other major parts but perhaps the brake system is the most important one that is required to make a complete stop. Your brakes must work 100% of the time.


From brake pads to rotors and drums, as well as brake hydraulics we can service these and tell you if they are good and in road worthiness condition.

The brake system is a critical structure and is made up pads, disks, caliphers, drums, hoses, fluid, hand brake, cylinders, abs and other elements that work in uniformity to give the driver the ability to steer and stop the vehicle.

We are specialist in repairing and servicing brake systems. It is best to let a specialist work on your vehicle instead of doing it yourself. The brake system is one such system that needs proper care and attention to detail to be serviced and/or repaired.

Brakes do wear out and need attention as soon as you hear sounds coming from the the wheels whilst braking. Book your vehicle in for a brake service as soon as you can to avoid the problem from escalating into more complex issues.


Most cars are fitted with a warning light when there is a problem with the brake system. Sometimes these warning signs will not light up in less obvious warning signs like the following.

Signs to look out for and time to take it for a check up:

  • Your vehicle loses grip when applying the brakes.
  • The vehicle will pull to one side when applying the brakes.
  • The brake pedal will lose it’s original firmness and it may be low, hard, soft or spongy.
  • If you steering shudders whilst braking then call in immediately for a brake service.
  • If they screech or squeal then time to get them checked.
  • If your car takes longer to stop than normal it is a sign that the brake system is failing and needs attention by a qualified brake specialist.

Book your vehicle in for a brake service

Clutch & Automatic transmission Service and Repairs

It really does not matter if you drive a manual or an automatic car. It’s important to maintain the your car’s transmission running smoothly to have a comfortable drive.


An automatic transmission will require extra maintenance done to it compared to a manual drive vehicle.

We can diagnose/evaluate your transmission system and tell you exactly which part of this system has a problem and needs to be worked on.

Book your vehicle in for a Clutch & Transmission Service/Repair